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Countdown to one million idea 4 to help boost your bank account

Ever heard of slicing the nugget open? Well here at Redebony the hotspot team are determined to help you do just that. Wether you've quit your job and are being given the heave ho in the benefit line, put down by office politics and looking for an alternative to maintain a bit of self belief, eager to cash in those blank cheques and bring in a wallet of smiling royals. I have just the ticket. Your mental ATM, wether your tired of circling unemployed in the job advertisement ads, fed up with buying everything on a budget, here's to sunning yourself on the beach.

Profile of idea one. Your advertising platform. Many of us have heard about the million dollar homepage by Alex Tewy, yet here's the Million dollar home page with a kick. It consistently generates revenue with people advertising £2.50 per pixel for each square on the platform, there are a million pixels, a blog for discussions and a community forum for trade. It will also have a job board. The aim of this product i…

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